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What To Do When Your Child Gets In Legal Trouble

Just when you think your kid is doing everything right, you get the call every parent dreads: Your son or daughter has gotten in trouble with the law. Whether your child has been charged with drug possession or is facing allegations of sexual assault, it is important to secure skilled legal representation as soon as possible.

Since 1983, I have been representing people throughout the Houston area who are facing serious criminal charges, including young adults 18 and older. Often, parents are the ones who first call to discuss representation. Here are some things to keep in mind if your child has been charged with a crime.

1. Make sure you and your child understand the potential consequences of the charge.

Your first concern is likely making sure your child stays out of jail, but the effects of a criminal charge can be extensive, even when the charge is eventually dismissed. A record of legal trouble of any kind can make it more difficult to pursue higher education, enter the military, get a job or start a business. If your child is not taking the charges as seriously as he or she should, you can help convey how future plans could be at risk.

2. Help your child find a skilled lawyer you can trust.

An 18-year-old may not even know why he or she needs a lawyer, let alone how to select a qualified one. As parents, you can help secure representation from an attorney you trust to represent your child as well as possible while keeping you informed about the process. Take the time to talk to prospective lawyers about what they can do to help your child.

3. If your child is in college, find out how the school will respond to the charges.

If your child is in college, he or she may also face disciplinary measures on campus, including academic suspension and loss of financial aid or student housing. You may need to call the school to find out what penalties your student is facing so you can plan ahead.

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