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Your Trial Is Over, But Is Your Case?

A lost criminal trial is not necessarily the end. An experienced appellate attorney can appeal your case to the appropriate court of appeals and make every effort to get the case reversed.

A reversal can get you a new trial or it may result in acquittal, finding you not guilty. An appeal is a second chance, but it is often your last chance. Your attorney's experience and skill are vitally important.

I Will Make Your Appeal Count

With more than 30 years of criminal law experience, I have argued appeals in multiple civil and criminal appellate courts, including the Texas Courts of Appeal, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in New Orleans. Several of the cases I have successfully appealed have resulted not only in reversals of convictions, but in new Texas laws:

  • Arnold Ray Beedy vs. State of Texas (Improper "stacking" of sentences)
  • Christopher Connley Davis vs. State of Texas (Denial of rights in jury selection)
  • Billy Holmes vs. State of Texas (Denial of proper jury instructions in a drug case)

Regardless of what strategy your lawyer took in your first trial, I will start from scratch, bringing an entirely fresh perspective to your case. I will scrutinize the entire case, looking for possible grounds for appeal I can raise.

Call To Discuss The Possibility Of An Appeal

To discuss your options for appeal, call attorney Joseph W. Varela at 832-975-0623 or send an email. I offer free initial consultations and represent clients throughout the Houston area.

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